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No matter when your home was built or what its physical configurations, you can install the Unico System for higher performance heating and cooling comfort. R & B Inc. designs the system so that it will not disrupt your irreplaceable décor.

Stay comfortable in your home throughout the summer with Unico System High Velocity mini duct AC installation. OUR #1 Specialty! The Unico System delivers uncompromising comfort on demand with high performance quality at a very affordable cost! R & B is a certified dealer for over 30 years!
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Why Choose Unico:

  • Draft Free
  • Quite/Noise Free
  • Little or No Remodeling
  • No Duct Cleaning needed!
  • Removes 30% more relative humidity
The Unico System®removes up to 30% more humidity than a standard duct system by the process of aspiration, and the unique way air is drawn over the evaporator coils. It delivers dryer cooler air and will never scorched the air in heating due to a boiler hot water coil application or true heat pump air delivery. Aspiration equals no hot or cold spots, no drafts, and never more than a two-degree Fahrenheit temperature swing from floor to ceiling. If you have high ceilings, this system is definitely for you. The mini ducts are always tightly sealed against moisture, dust, and air leakage without large registers to get dirty and trap dust. The sound-dampening, low-decibel air handler is mounted in an emergency drain pan on vibration isolators for extra quiet operation. Paintable and stainable registers mount above ceilings or on high-side walls to meet your architectural needs. Flexible lines even allow for simple future renovation projects with the ability to move and re-position them.
The Unico System is the ideal complement to your older home. Whether you have radiators, in-floor radiant heating, or no central heating and cooling at all, The Unico System® provides both comfort and control and fits into any design, older or contemporary.

The Unico System is the perfect complement to a home with radiant heating. The Unico System can be installed as the primary or supplemental air conditioning and heating for your home.
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